The Heart of a Writer

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I really have no idea what to talk about on a blog. First off, I am a self-proclaimed writer which means that I write stories but have never had anything puplished. I started this literally just to get things off my chest and to deal with the day to day calamities of life. I will state right now that I am a horrific speller, so if anybody reading this spots a mistake please let me know.
I guess I should tell you a little about me. I have strong opinions on almost everything. I like to "discuss" (more like argue) topics of controversal importance. I am a femnist, but I sometimes even surprise myself with the old-fashioned ideals that I truely belive in. I am going to graduate highschool in May and will become a colledge girl in the fall. It is a daunting idea. I feel as if I am going to be cast away from the world I know. Never to see the friends I have now. Never to have those irritating yet reassuring 8 to 3 school days Monday through Friday.


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